Requirements and Process

What is an FSS contract of participation?
One of the basic requirements of the FSS program is execution of an FSS contract of 
participation between the Head of the FSS family and HOME. The FSS contract of 
participation includes the rights and responsibilities of the FSS family and HOME, the services 
to be provided to the family, and the activities to be completed by the family.

What is the term of the FSS contract of participation?
The term of the FSS contract is up to five years; however, such term may be extended for up to 
two more years provided that there is good cause for the extension, such as serious illness or 
involuntary loss of employment. Participants may also successfully graduate in less than five 

What are the participant’s responsibilities under the FSS contract of participation?
The FSS contract requires that the family comply with the lease, that all FSS family members
(not just family members who elected to participate in FSS) are welfare-free for the 12 
consecutive months before the FSS contract is completed, and that the head of the FSS family
(the same as the head of household for rent and income eligibility purposes) seek and maintain 
suitable employment. 

Noncompliance with the FSS contract without good cause may result in termination from the 
FSS program. Termination (or exit) from the FSS program may not result in termination of the family’s rental assistance.